About me

I was born in Argentina and moved to Spain at the age of 5. I used to spend my childhood watching cartoons and playing videogames. My love for cartoons, specially anime, made me draw from a very young age and I will often get into trouble in class from drawing instead of paying attention to the lecture.

During my early teenage years I was decided on becoming a mangaka and pursued that goal for a long time until I discovered, more like got reintroduced, and got into fighting games then it clicked.“This is great, I want to create one, the best one”.

After finishing highschool and abitur I moved to Germany, where I had to do my studies again because they weren't validated here on germany and my german level was honestly 0. The first year I went to a Willskommenklasse in order to get a german level good enough for a school and for the other four I went to a design school.

As soon as I graduated from the design school I matriculated for the Game Design Program in the UE where I currently studying.

Artist Statement

My work is heavily inspired in the style of shonen manga (manga directed toward teenage boys) where the character speaks for himself in the artwork. I love to have a mixture of color and lineart where the lines mixes with the colors in order to give the lines more emotion. My emphasis is character design but I like to do world-building as well.

With my work I want to express what my characters feel and with my characters I want to resonate with my viewers and inspire them. The main goal of my work is to inspire people to let them know that they're able to do great things if they set themselves to do it regardless of who they are, and “not having” talent should not discourage anyone from trying. This ideal has been motivating me to create the things the way that I do.